[6 October/ Stuff]

Best Wool Carpets, a leading European carpet producer, is preparing to launch a campaign promoting the virtues of New Zealand wool. It aims to counter some of the falsehoods propagated by the synthetic industry, such as that wool carpet fades in UV light. Best Wool Carpets Chief Executive Yvar Monasch said the New Zealand wool industry needed to sell the wool story better. Mr Monasch said while wool is more expensive than synthetics, wool carpets lasts longer and keeps its beauty for ten years; however synthetic carpets lose their beauty after two or three years. Best Wool is increasing the knowledge of its carpet sales staff about the benefits of wool, and New Zealand Merino (NZM) developed and launched the Best Wool Academy, an online tool to train staff, and the Best Wool App designed to help customers better understand and choose wool carpet. Monasch said the pro-wool campaign would be launched at the most prominent flooring show in Germany in January.