[01 September/The Country] Online training platform Tahi Ngātahi, created by shearer Jock Martin, is revolutionising the way the wool harvesting industry trains its workforce. Mr Martin has been part of Otago and Southland’s wool harvesting scene for over 30 years and is a second generation shearer. Tahi Ngātahi was aiming to reduce preventable injuries by 30 per cent over time, as such a physically demanding occupation means high rates of injury across the industry. The platform uses video, helping to train those even in remote locations. It is hoped the platform will also help to reduce the labour shortage the industry currently faces by making it easier to join. To date, nearly 650 trainees and 50 shearing contractors have signed up for Tahi Ngātahi. Tahi Ngātahi is a joint initiative between the NZ Shearing Contractors’ Association (NZSCA), Federated Farmers, Worksafe NZ and ACC.