[1 November/The Country]

Dairy NZ has launched The Vision is Clear, a new movement about water quality which it is hoping that all New Zealanders will get behind. The initiative came about from dairy farmers desire to be better understood and supported by the wider population according to CEO, Tim Mackle. Dr Mackle said the views the wider population held of dairying were important to farmers and the industry needs their support and understanding. The industry recognises that producing milk has an impact on the environment and the industry has been on a journey to understand this impact and ensure it is mitigated, however Dr Mackle noted that while a lot of progress has been made there is still a lot of work to do. Cleaning up rivers is not something the dairy industry can do on its own, it needs a collective effort to deliver swimmable waterways across New Zealand for the future. The campaign includes tips for urban people wanting to do their bit to make a difference to our waterways. Dr Mackle said that everyone will benefit from this vision of having great waterways right throughout New Zealand.