[25 May/NBR]

Wine company, Invivo, opened another funding round to promote growth in export markets. The company was raising $6.5 million through existing and wholesale investors. Funds would go towards expanding into the U.S. driving growth in its more established markets, and hiring more staff. Production was up to three million bottles this year from 50,000 when they first set out. The capital raise in 2015 was influential on the company according to Co-founder, Rob Cameron. He said the company has met profit targets and they had achieved what they set out to three years ago. The capital raise would give them the ability to build the team and structure to further propel the company to growth. The company has a skill at self-promotion, which has resulted in fast overseas growth. Invivo used celebrities such as Graham Norton to endorse its brand worldwide. It had projected turnover of $13.9 million this year.