[26 June/ NZ Farmer]

New Zealand wool takes centre stage every year at the Championship at Wimbledon, as all 54,000 tennis balls used at the event are covered in felt made from nine tonnes of NZ sourced wool.  The wool is woven into felt in the UK before being shipped to the Slazenger factory in the Philippines were the balls are made.  The important role that NZ wool plays at Wimbledon was one of the lessons given to students that recently received a visit from the Campaign for Wool’s interactive learning facility, the Wool Shed.  The shed (which is 20 foot shipping container packed with interactive learning tools) was visiting the North Taranaki region last week and was visited by more than 20 school groups.  Students learnt about the wide range of everyday uses that exist for wool to assist them in understanding the role wool could play in the future of our economy.  The wool shed is being toured in association with PGG Wrightson.