[25 May/ Food Navigator USA]

CEO of seafood company Fishpeople Seafood, Ken Plasse, believes the seafood industry is broken and crowded with businesses that fail the oceans and consumers. Mr Plasse noted the lack of transparency and poor consumer practices in the seafood industry, causing consumer distrust. Fishpeople, launched in 2012, plans to change this image by creating approachable products with transparent supply chains. Fishpeople plan to source fish directly from small-scale fishers using sustainable methods to catch wild fish, and provide a chemical and additive-free range of products. The company tells its story on its website, with every product having a unique code so customers can trace their products back to their beginning. Fishpeople also ensures an active social media presence to allow customers to interact with their fisheries. Fishpeople’s new Wildly Delicious Seafood Kits launched in March help consumers overcome their fear of cooking fish. Fishpeople’s recent merger with Ilwaco Landing Fisherman will provide Fishpeople with the capability to provide more sustainably-sourced seafood to the American market.