[02 August/Rural News] Alessandro Demaio, Global Food Expert and CEO of EAT reports that globalisation is the only way to feed 9.6 billion people with a healthy diet on a healthy planet by 2050. Mr Demaio spoke at the Produce Market Association A-NZ’s HortConnections conference in Melbourne where he reported that food needs to be grown efficiently which can only happen in certain parts of the world, partly due to climate and water. Mr Demaio states that companies must get over food sovereignty and that multilateral relationships need to be strengthened. Mr Demaio stated that globally we are under-consuming fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and healthy oils, whilst the South Asian region is under consuming red meat and eggs. Mr Demaio reported that there is growing interest in flexitarianism but cannot see large parts of the population giving up meat as a while.