[17 October/ Farmers Weekly]

Meat processing automated equipment was the most substantial revenue earner for Scott Technology, as the automation was increasing the value of sheep and beef processors’ meat yields including $4 to $5 for every lamb carcase. Scott Technology experienced a 256 percent increase in meat processing sales in the 2016 year, revenues in the latest year to August 31 increased two percent to $39.58m. Directors said the division consolidated while the company planned to expand for the next growth phase. Scott Technology recently significantly expanded the Dunedin manufacturing plant due to the meat technology. Scott Technology was operating in lamb processing automation through the Robotic Technologies joint-venture with Silver Fern Farms and in beef automation in Australia, with its majority shareholder, the JBS group. Scott Technology was also developing pork and poultry automation for customers in the United States and Europe. Scott Tech is considering placing their processing units into lighter customer operations such as butcher shops.