[5 November/NZ Herald]

Four companies (Nu-Mega Ingredients, Pamu Farms, Dairy Nutraceuticals and Food Waikato) are partnering together in the creation of new vehicle, Melody Dairies, to jointly finance and build a new $50 million spray dryer to support the growth in the sheep milking sector. The dryer, the second to be constructed at the Waikato Innovation Park, is expected to generate export returns of $129 million a year according to the Park’s CEO, Stuart Gordon. Pamu Farms CEO, Steven Carden, said the investment would help future proof the company and mitigate the commodity cycle that the company is often held hostage to while also supporting the group’s joint venture operation in the sheep milk sector, Spring Sheep Milk, and providing capacity for the company to process other specialist milks targeted at premium market sectors (such as pure organic milk powders) which lack the scale needed for processing in most of the dryers in New Zealand. The first dryer at the Waikato Innovation Park is currently running at capacity.