[8 October/Rural Life]

Dunedin based osteopath, Kelly Burnett, aspired to continue helping rural people get the best out of their bodies. She has a passion for farming and the rural community and believes rural people often did not recognise themselves as the most important tool on their farm or in their business. She was unsure exactly what she wanted to do, until she was recommended to pursue osteopathy. She became registered in March 2017, and had worked in the Dunedin Osteopathic Clinic since. For her thesis, she analysed why rural people struggled with their bodies so much, and what they knew about the healthcare that was available to them. She noted growing up she saw farmers either hurt or struggling, but putting their issues to one side. She added another problem was that some of the healthcare industry did not understand farmers and rural people as they had not grown up in that environment. Improving the physical health of rural people was a passion for Ms Burnett.