[31 August/NZ Herald]

Waikato based startup, Synthase Biotech, accidentally discovered an enzyme. The discovered enzyme, Aloxyn, could be turned into a weapon against some of the major health and wellbeing issues such as arteriosclerosis, dementia, infertility, and fatty liver disease. The company, Synthase, is aimed to develop and commercialise human drug applications, and fulfil its brand boast of “extending life”. The company also intended to generate income through selling its enzyme product in animal applications after promising results. The enzyme was discovered when taking a latex gene out of a desert shrub in which the enzyme prevented the latex from oxidising. Synthase Executive Director, Andrew West, provided a detailed explanation of the enzyme and how it worked. There are a range of shareholders that have interest in the company. Chief Executive, Greg Moss-Smith, said if it succeeded in raising the $5 million it required, it would be well positioned to be listed on the ASX in two years’ time.