[21 January/Stuff]

The Winchmore Research Station in Mid Canterbury is being sold by AgResearch, after contributing to agricultural research for the past 72 years. The farm sale is by deadline private treaty, with offers to be received by end of February if not sold beforehand. AgResearch insist there will be no further land sales. The Labour Party had strongly opposed the selling of AgResearch sites two years ago according to National MP Andrew Falloon. Federated Farmers Mid-Canterbury vice-president, David Clark, said there had been little research work executed at Winchmore for many years. In the 1960s and 70s, approximately 60 staff worked on the research station when the facility had its own laboratories and testing gear, but most research is now conducted at Lincoln with field work conducted on commercial farms or small scale intensive research sites, John O’Dea, AgResearch’s Director of Infrastructure noted.