[12 March/Stuff NZ]

Alliance Group, an export meat company, has invested in a pet food business. David Surveyor, Chief Executive of Alliance Group reports that this investment coincides with major growth in the industry as animal lovers are seeking high quality protein food for their pets. The global sales forecast is set to reach up to $134 billion by 2022. Alliance has entered an agreement with Scales Corporation to pay $15 million to acquire a 50 per cent interest in its Meateor pet food business. The new joint venture business was valued at $30m and funded equally by both partners. Meateor was a processor and marketer of high-quality pet food ingredients to global pet food customers. Record prices for venison during the last 18 months have been in part because of demand from the United States pet food market promoting premium raw food for cats and dogs. As an alternative to dry food, several pet food companies were marketing a venison or game offering, pushing up prices for traditionally cheaper meat cuts. Andy Borland, Scales Managing Director reported the venture intended on developing New Zealand as the premier supplier of pet food proteins.