[5 July/Rural News]

Farmers were puzzled by Air New Zealand’s decision to promote an overseas produced plant protein burger. Federated farmers said Air New Zealand prides itself on being innovative, and liked to partner with like-minded businesses. Federated Farmers Meat and Wool Chairperson, Miles Anderson, added that they understood that, however was unsure why our national carrier would build an advertising campaign around a foreign product rather than a New Zealand firm. Inter-weave is a bespoke wool upholstery and home wares manufacturer that combines design and technology with New Zealand wool. The transportation fabrics Inter-weave supplies to Air New Zealand met the highest flame retardant criteria. It was a great advertisement for New Zealand natural products, our farmers and an industry that was the lifeblood of rural communities. Mr Anderson noted that seated in nature sounded like a good basis for an Air New Zealand advertising campaign.