[11 June/Farmers Weekly]

Farmers will undoubtedly scrutinise how Beef + Lamb NZ Spends its extra $4 million in levies it proposed to raise but are unlikely to vote against the increases according to industry leaders. Federated Farmers Meat and Fibre Spokesman, Miles Anderson, said the increased levies weren’t big, and wold not be opposed in a general sense. The average farmer would pay over $1,000 in levies. B+L NZ Chairman, Andrew Morrison, said the levies would be invested in the international rollout of the Taste Pure Nature origin brand and the Red Meat Story, help the sector lift its environmental performance and reputation, and strengthen the organisation’s capability to address biosecurity risks.  The U.S. and China had been targeted for the rollout of its Taste Pure Nature brand. B+L NZ Chief Executive, Sam McIvor, said it saved $1.4 million over the past two years by prioritising resources.