[7 June/Rural News]

Minister for the Environment, David Parker, praised Beef + Lamb NZ’s new environmental strategy. He said it was what the public wanted as they didn’t want things to be getting worse over time. Beef + Lamb NZ unveiled its plan to lift the environmental performance of NZ’s sheep and beef sector. It laid out its progressive long-term vision for four priority areas including healthy productive soils, thriving biodiversity, reducing carbon emissions and cleaner water. The two main goals were that every sheep and beef farm had a tailored and active environment plan, and that the sector as a whole was moving to carbon neutrality by 2050. B+L NZ will roll out environmental initiatives such as Collaborative Catchment Communities to help communities work together for the environment. B+L NZ’s Environmental Strategy Manager, Julia Beijeman, said the strategy addressed the change happening for sheep and beef farmers who were under pressure.