[06 March/Rural Life]

AngusPure New Zealand announced this week that they are partnering with 63 Angus beef farmers in a programme to improve the quality and taste of their meat as well as increasing returns. AngusPure is the official beef brand of Angus New Zealand with 50 percent owned by the industry’s association with the other half privately owned. Guy Sargent, Director of AngusPure commented the brand partnering with six Otago and Southland beef farmers. Every breeder had different aspirations and goals for what they wanted to achieve focusing on genetics, fertility or longevity, sharing their findings with other partners to improve meat quality for the customer.  Each animal in the programme will have a specific ear tag so the processors will know to filter back the relevant information to both the animal owners and AngusPure, as part of the improvement initiative. AngusPure will also get additional information from retailers and consumers about improving the end result. It also encourages commercial farmers to buy their bulls from those stud partners. AngusPure applied for a licence to use the Beef + Lamb New Zealand promotion ”taste pure nature” to be launched in Los Angeles on March 21, but is yet to be confirmed if they are to be part of it.