[6 March/The Country]

A Kaipara resident believes people should support a large chicken farm near Dargaville as it would provide much needed jobs and income. A written request to block the proposal has been sent to the Northland Regional Council on behalf of those opposed to Tegel Food’s plan for a chicken farm with more than 1.2 million chickens. However, painter/decorator Clyde Forbes said factory-oriented industries were needed as a lot of people were not well-educated. He added that farming kumara, and Silver Fern Farms were not going to sustain the local economy as most only offer seasonal work. Mr Forbes noted that many young people in Dargaville often look to Auckland or Whangarei for job prospects and believes this chicken farm would allow the community to grow. A public march to oppose Tegel’s proposal was held in Dargaville town on Thursday.