(5 July/Stuff)

Figures contained in a draft business case for the proposed development and upgrade of Golden Bay’s Port Tarakohe show that it is expected to cost somewhere in the range of $28 million – $35 million. In the Tasman District Council’s long term plan for 2018-28, the council has capital funding of just under $6 million set aside for the port. The rest of the funding for the development is expected to come from the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund. The expected growth of the mussel industry is the focus of the draft business case. Deputy Mayor Tim King said that there had been a lot of focus of marine farming and other key users of the port such as those shipping dolomite and rock had been overlooked in the case. The proposed plan also looked to accommodate for the public by increasing the length of the waka ama ramp and providing penguin boxes along the arm of the entrance. Tasman district councillors on Thursday approved the draft business case for public consultation which will run from July 30 until August 7.