[02 August/NZ Herald] Poke Bar in Ponsonby has now closed after Uber Eats ate into its profits and reduced dine-in traffic. Poke Bar has four stores across Auckland which sell a Hawaiian-styled raw salad with fresh fish, popular amongst more health conscious fast food consumers. Director Joel Stirling stated that Uber Eats allowed the business to reach new customers and in the first year after the 2017 launch, the company were the third busiest fast food company on the app. Poke Bar’s Ponsonby store was doing 400 Uber Eats orders a week, and Stirling hired two extra staff to cope with demand. However, online orders slashed foot traffic which pay the bills as Uber Eats take 30 percent and the store paid another 15 percent in tax along with a $6 delivery fee by the driver. On top of this, bigger restaurant chains pay lower margins so when they were added to the app, Poke Bar’s orders dropped dramatically. Mr Stirling reports that it is important for Uber Eats customers to think about the effects their actions have on smaller companies. Mr Stirling mentions that Uber Eats is a great company for Poke Bar’s other three stores and is considering creating a ghost kitchen specifically dedicated to Uber Eats orders.