[3 July/Rural Life]

In his latest Agri-business agenda, KPMG global head of agribusiness Ian Proudfoot said the food people eat is central to preventative healthcare systems. ‘New Zealand’s agri-food sector is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities arising, as governments around the world prioritise investment in preventative healthcare. Over the next decade, food will become integral to how health and wellness is managed, with the role of food as a medicine dominating how organisations develop, produce and distribute their products. A key recommendation made in the report is that the industry needs to take a far more active role in ensuring we feed every New Zealander properly. Having a plan to adequately feed all 5 million Kiwis before the first tonne is exported should be a goal for the industry. The agenda suggests wellness extends beyond just health, with the industry clearly understanding the expectations of the wider community and that the licence to operate it is granted as a privilege as opposed to a right. Biosecurity retained the number one ranking in the annual priorities survey for the ninth consecutive year.