(9 July/The Country)

Clean Waters to the Sea (CWS) Charitable Trust chairman Wayne Parsonson, has reported it is time to get serious about clean water. Parsonson recently made a case to the Northland Regional Councils independent commissioners saying that an electro-coagulation unit is needed to reduce pollution of the sea from the wastewater plant at Taipā. He stated that the plant had been operating without consent for a decade which is the reason for his case. Mr Parsonson also helped back his case with a presentation from a local who used to work in the profession of water quality in Switzerland, reporting that electro-coagulation and an EC2 unit would achieve the best water quality. He proposed that a solution could be achieved for under $2 million, which was vastly different to the council’s $20 million solution. The trust had proved that electro-coagulation could remove 95 per cent of phosphorus, 99.9 per cent of E. coli bacteria and algae, 85 per cent of nitrates and 50-60 per cent of ammonia. So far, the commissioners reserved their decision.