[25 June/Stuff NZ]

A bore supplying water to Featherston homestead Longwood may soon be contaminated due to a proposed water scheme, where the South Wairarapa District Council plans to discharge treated wastewater. Owner, Garrick Emms is battling the proposed scheme along with other residents after the council wrote to the homestead as well as 25 other landowners saying that soon their bores were potentially going to be at an increased risk of contamination. Under its consent conditions the council was bound to provide an alternative potable water supply to affected properties. As Longwood’s bore was its only source of water for domestic and stock use, the volumes used would be considerable and council would have to either truck or pipe water to the property. Mr Emms reports that the historic property has been reliant on its single bore for over 100 years. The council has not yet calculated the price of supplying affected properties. A hearing panel of independent commissioners will meet to consider the council’s application for a resource consent for the wastewater treatment plant before November.