[21 February/Food Navigator USA]

Califia Farms has launched a new range of dairy-free, probiotic yogurt drinks in the US market, with the hopes that they will repeat the success that the company achieved when it entered the net milk category.  The company CEO, Greg Steltenphol, said he was pretty darn excited about the breakthrough dairy-free yogurt drinks. The drinks contain 10 billion live, active probiotic colony forming units, made using the BB-12 strain which is well known for efficacy in digestive and immune health.  He notes that it has not been easy to create plant based yogurts as many plant based ingredients contain too much fibre (which contributes to an off-flavour), may be too heavy on carbohydrates or not have enough things that probiotics like to consume. Also adding that Califia had found a way of keeping the bugs happy by providing them a food source other than sugar.  Mr Steltenphol also recognised that there would be challenges in getting cut through for the product in the crowded drinking yogurt market.