[19 June/Food Dive]

Apeel Sciences has developed technology that can more than double the shelf life of fruit, helping consumers, retailers and the environment by cutting down on food waste. The company developed a powder that is sprayed on produce close the harvest and dried to create an extra layer of material to slow the rate of water loss and oxidation. According to Apeel Sciences, the initiative could help cut down on the USD2.6 trillion of food waste generate annually. Avocados would be the company’s first product to use the edible coating. Head of Marketing, Michelle Masek, said there were two issues; quality and accessibility. The U.S. retail food sector produces eight million tonnes of waste annually. The coating is made from leftover plant skins and stems. It could also be beneficial to the environment if less water, fertilizer or land was needed to grow produce. The company had attracted a range of investors.