[12 May/Tech Crunch]

Women and seniors are joining the cannabis movement, presenting new investment opportunities for the sector. It is expected there will be an increase in all products that make it easier to consume small controlled amounts of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. The trend among women and seniors is not unexpected. Women are turning to cannabis to take the edge off, rather than resulting to alcohol. They are also working more, drinking more and developing cirrhosis at a faster rate. The increased use by seniors is more understood, with studies showing that cannabis use may be linked to decreasing joint pain. The main product that is expected to benefit from the new clients is edibles.  The U.S. based firm DCM just invested $5 million into on a new beverage brand that will sell flavoured THC-infused shots, telling the user how many milligrams are in each shot. Another product expected to benefit from the movement is vape pens.