[22 February/Food Navigator]

Rabobank has recently released the World Fruit Map 2018 which shows the pressure that growth in demand for products such as Avocados and Blueberries is having with supply failing to keep up.  Rabobank analysts note that global fruit demand is definitely impacted by superfruit fads with consumers expecting popular products to be available all day every day putting more focus on trade systems.  Supply is being driven by using emerging technologies and new cultivation systems which are also improving environmental impacts, reducing costs and enhancing working conditions for employees.  Rabobank believe that the superfruit phenomenon is here to stay and it is increasingly becoming a global trend, best illustrated by the explosion in demand for avocados in China.  The fad nature of demand does however have a downside as growers that have geared up to meet demand will come under pressure when demand falls, and those that are not able to switch crops every year to follow trends may face significant adverse economic impacts.