[2 August/Dairy Reporter]

Vinamilk, a Vietnamese dairy company, said its first A2 dairy cows imported from New Zealand had started producing milk. The Vinamilk A2 milk products were available in UHT milk and pasteurised milk formats. It differs from regular cow’s milk in that it only contains the A2 beta-casein protein which is easier to digest. A2 milk has been available for more than a decade in selected markets. Vinamilk said it had brought the cow breed to Vietnam to not only bring benefits to consumers, but also prove the capability of Vinamilk to showcase Vietnamese products internationally. The company invested in almost 200 cows. It added by 2019 it would increase the number of cows to 1,000 to meet domestic consumer demand. Vinamilk was named the most valuable brand name in Vietnam at $2.28 billion.