[07 June/Food Navigator]

GoodMills Innovation has invested extensively in cereal ingredients that provide snacks with additional health benefits to enable producers to keep ahead of the rapidly changing snacking scenario. More consumers are opting to graze on snacks throughout the day to complement their daily diet. However, requirements for snacks are changing, with issues such as nutritional value and health benefits playing a more important role than ever. Amongst GoodMill’s portfolio is compounds such as Rutin X, which they have managed to remove its bitter taste in a patented process. Rutin X is made from grain Tartary Buckwheat and can transform savoury products into superfoods with a dosage of only 5 percent. They have also produced Snow Wheat which makes whole grain products that do not look or taste like whole grain baked goods but still have the same benefits. They are also making progress in the gluten-free baked snacks range.