[23 February/CNBC]

The traditional understanding of meat is becoming more complicated with the introduction of ‘fake’ meat. Companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat use science labs and farms, rather than animal meat, to produce products that rival traditional meat products. The U.S. Cattleman’s Association wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture to produce an official definition for the terms ‘beef’ and ‘meat.’ The U.S. Cattleman’s Association Policy and Outreach Director, Lia Biondo, said that although alternate protein sources are not a direct threat, they saw improper labelling of these products to be misleading. According to the Good Food Institute there are two types of meat substitutes; clean meat and plant-based meat. Clean meat is meat grown in a lab from animal stem cells, and plant-based meat is anything that mimics traditional meat but is made using plant ingredients. Some have compared this labelling issue to other conflicts over product names such as ‘milk’ versus ‘soy milk.’ There is much debate as to whether this will be a revolutionary force in the food industry.