[8 October/Food Navigator]

Fish fraud was a problem from excess water to illegal antibiotics and wrong species. TellSpec developed a tool powered by artificial intelligence to detect fraud in real time at low cost. Its CEO, Isabel Hoffman, said there were four main types of fraud in the supply chain. First, some inject fish with water before freezing it, adding up to 50 percent to its weight. Second, fish may intentionally labelled. Thirdly, there was a misuse of antibiotics where fish are farmed in poor conditions. TellSpec’s tools would combine Near Infrared Spectroscopy techniques and AI algorithms to analyse foods at the molecular level in real time. TellSpec predicted significant demand for its sensor, initially in Europe and then in China. Users could buy different kits. The tool also gave a breakdown of the sample’s nutrient content. Ms Hoffman added the fourth form related to illegal, unreported fishing.