[7 August/ Food Navigator]

Serenity Kids plans to launch a paleo diet- inspired baby food this August containing high-fat, and high-quality meat. The baby food has the highest meat content of any pouched baby food. Co-Founders Serenity Heegel and Joe Carr said they created the product to fill a large gap in the market for paleo baby food. Ms Heegel and Mr Carr researched 250 pouched baby foods available found almost none had a high-fat content, and 4 percent contained meat. Serenity Kids baby food comes in three flavours and are all low-sugar and mimic the macro-nutrient balance of breast milk. The products are also allergen-friendly and certified as grain, soy and gluten free. The brand has pre-sold 400 cases or 1,800 pouches since taking orders in May. While Serenity Kids will initially sell online, the company hopes to be in national grocery chains within a year.