[25 July/Food Dive]

Boxed water company, Rethink Brands, received a USD6.7 million investment for growth and expansion. The funding round was led by AccelFoods. It would be used to increase distribution throughout the U.S. and fund new product launches. The flavoured water contains zero calories, sodium and sugar. It can be found in more than 11 thousand stores such as Walmart and Target. The water comes in four flavours, namely apple, berry, fruit punch and orange mango. Rethink Brands CEO, Matt Swanson, said the funding marked a pivotal moment for the company. He added they knew they were on the right side of health trends and consumer priorities. He noted that by assessing children needs, they could make a real difference through encouraging healthy eating and drinking habits and improving the buying and decision making experience for parents. Their approach was key to their success.