[10 May/The Spoon]

Uber has reportedly been discussing with Nuro, an autonomous vehicle company about a food delivery partnership. Nuro makes electric, low speed vehicles that are about half the size of a regular car and top out at 25 miles per hour. They are built for cargo and do not even have a space for a driver. According to documentation seen by The Information, the partnership with Uber would start later this year in Houston. This makes sense as Nuro is already operating there as part of its expanded pilot with Kroger to do self-driving grocery delivery. Nuro’s partnership with Uber would involve the Nuro vehicle driving from restaurants to a central hub with food so that human drivers can deliver the food in the last leg of its journey, from the hub to people’s homes. This is expected to help earn drivers more money as they will be able to handle more orders. However, neither of the companies have confirmed the speculation.