[7 March/FoodNavigator]

A new Regenerative Organic Certification program is to be launched this week at Expo West. Dr. Bronner’s, who withdrew from the Organic Trade Association in 2016 over disagreements about GMO labelling, is one of the driving forces behind the new certification. Dr Bronner’s Organic and Fair Trade Coordinator, Ryan Zinn, took a forward looking view, and said this would add to and develop the existing certification. Mr Zinn added that the new certification would capture values without the need to go into company marketing materials, and in particular would capture ideas about the protection and improvement of soil health due to climate change. American Botanical Council Executive Director, Mark Blumenthal, noted the new certification could help advance his values, however was unsure if it addressed a real need in the marketplace. One of the ways to educate consumers about this would be through education at the retailer level.