(3 July/Food Dive)

Kellogg and Post cereal have recently come under fire in Californian federal courts for claims that they falsely advertise their cereals as healthy when they in fact contain high sugar levels. Post Cereal have defended themselves with a first amendment argument reporting the claims that are up for debate are in fact true and the government cannot ban truthful speech. The main issue they are facing is that they have adequate labelling of their whole grain and vitamin content yet do not display their sugar levels on the front of the packaging.  Kellogg is also challenging the claims against them saying it was civil contempt to not explain the basis for filing the company’s legal counsel.  Kellogg is be assessed on whether its labels state whether a product is low/no/reduced sugar is truthful, as a study has found that the company has increased these claims on its packaging by 45% in the last five years. Irrespective of the outcome of the cases, it is expected that the U.S. Food and Drug administration will have to implement some changes to the way food is packaged and labelled for consumers.