[28 June/Food Dive]

Concierge Chef of JUST, Kaimana Chee, made omelettes for an audience near the White House using a new egg replacement product made by novel food developer, JUST. He said it was really just like a scrambled egg. He was displaying the product made from an ingredient derived from mung bean. The company has spent years trying to perfect the product. JUST Head of Communications, Andrew Noyes, said ultimately they wanted to mimic the full functionality of an egg. The product is not yet widely available. Mr Chee said everyone was looking for differences, and he could taste some subtle differences but it was close enough to the real thing to be an enjoyable breakfast. It was getting ready for a much bigger launch in the near future. They recently launched a website however were unsure if it was attracting many consumers as of yet. According to the site, the product would soon be at some store locations.