[1 March/Euro Fruit]

Mission Produce released its newest value-added offering to the avocado market of 2lb and 3lb bags of grade 2 avocados to be sold under the emeralds in the rough banner. The company said the avocados are not quite pretty enough to be top grade, and are the fruits that are weather blemished, imperfect and out of shape. The avocados taste the same as the grade 1 fruit according to Mission Produce. Grade 2 fruit is often sold to foodservice distributors and industrial users in bulk. Mission Produce Marketing Director, Denise Junqueiro, added that it was agriculture and not every piece of fruit was perfect and this product was created to showcase avocado quality even when they are blemished. Mission Produce Sales Director, Patrick Cortes, noted that the product had a lot of factors in its favour such as rising consumption of imperfect fruit, a propensity for sustainable products, smart design and average lower cost.