[11 March/ABC News]

The Australian Macadamia Society said the price of the macadamia nut had doubled in the last 10 years, from $25 per kilogram to about $50 per kilogram. Lynne Ziehlke Market Development Manager reported that this increase in price is due to growers getting paid more and the rarity of the product.  Despite the increase in price, consumer demand is also growing especially due to an increase in health food trends. The industry body predicted the number of nuts that would be sold in Australia this year would beat last year’s record of nearly 4,000 tonnes. Macadamia nut farm consultant Chris Searle has been in the industry for more than two decades and said growth was not matching national and international demand. Macadamia milk is one of the health products growing in popularity. Morgan Roy, owner of Milkdamia started selling his product in 2014 after eight years of development and states that although it took off quickly in America, it has only started gaining momentum in Australia in the past year as consumers are starting to try more foods.  Australia may struggle to keep up with consumer demand.