[7 February/ Food Navigator USA]

Wise Apple, a Chicago based start-up, has found that parents are prepared to pay for a service that delivers weekly supplies of pre-packed, nutritionally balanced kids’ lunches to their homes.  Having started out through posting a question to a Facebook group the company quickly had 400 families signed up and the founders were left working out how to deliver the meals.  They started out working from a shared kitchen in a bar to a controlled production facility and have been working to develop a scalable business model that remains customisable to demands of specific kids.  Wise Apple have developed a modular packing system with four tubs which allow customers to mix and match from meal components while still providing a 14 day shelf life.  The service is most popular with dual working families with multiple picky kids.  The product is more flexible than meal kits as they are individually sealed, portable and flexible and, importantly, do not require any preparation.  The meals cost USD6.50 each for 12 meals a week or USD6.99 for five meals a week.  The company has raised USD4.3 million to date with investors liking the simplicity of the business model.  The company has recently received approaches from bricks and mortar retailers who are interested in stocking the products.