[16 January/FoodDive]

Kraft is launching a grocery store pop-up in Washington, D.C. to help federal government workers during the partial shutdown. Federal workers with a valid government ID will be able participate in the “Kraft Now Pay Later” program. They will be allowed to shop and take a free full bag of Kraft products. Kraft is requesting that workers donate to a charity once they return to work. Kraft was careful not to condemn any specific side in its announcement of the pop-up grocery store. Instead, the company kept the messaging about those who may not be able to put food on the table because of the shutdown. Kraft noted that it stands for families and wants to support the families who have built our brands. Creating a philanthropic reputation among consumers, and giving away products could assist the company to create a more loyal shopper base of people who will return to buy these products when the shutdown ends. It was reported that federal employees impacted by the shutdown have already been using food banks.