[09 August/Food Navigator] FuturMaster has developed artificial intelligence software that, it says, can predict demand levels, improve supply chain efficiency and even forecast weather innovation will be successful. The company provides supply chain planning software for CPG clients including the likes of PepsiCo, Lactilis and Danone. It is now launching a tool that leverages AI and clustering techniques to help companies to successfully launch new products. In tests with a Chinese textiles manufacturer, the programme was more accurate in over 75 percent of forecasting scenarios and twice as fast at processing data than teams of forecasters using manual methods. The forecasting solution was found to be better at predicting how sales of new products will evolve from the moment  they hit the shelves, helping to reduce unsold stock. The development has uses across the fast moving consumer goods sector. FuturMaster believes that its product can also help to build more efficient supply chains.