[30 January/ Food Dive]

Goldman Sachs has joined a USD65 million funding round for Ripple Foods, a company that uses it Ripptein pea protein to make milk and yogurt style products.  The funding round means that Ripple has now raised USD110 million to date.  Global Chair of Consumer, Retail and Healthcare groups at Goldman Sachs, Kathy Elsesser, said they were proud to be investing in a company with one of the fastest growing plant-based product lines in the market.  Ripple has made no announcements about how the funds will be used, however some analysts hope that the funds will be used to scale up production and reduce prices to make the product more attractive to both occasional and recurring customers.  Pea protein has roughly half the sugar of dairy milk although the same amount of protein, while it has around 8 times more protein than sweetened almond milk.  Non-dairy US milk sales have increased by 61% over the past five years to an estimated USD2.1 billion in 2017, consumers are interested in the products and the allure of protein as a value add could attract more people to sample pea-based milks.