[06 March/FoodDive]

General Mills have committed to using regenerative agriculture methods across one million acres of land by 2030. They are partnering with farmers, suppliers and farm advisors in key growing regions to increase adoption of more sustainable methods of farming. General Mills is also giving US$650,000 to Kiss the Ground, a non-profit organisation advocating for environmental practices through training and lowering costs. Other companies are also following this trend to boost their social reputation such as Applegate releasing sausages from farms using regenerative practices, and Danone giving $6 million for soil research. Regenerative agriculture provides direct investments to individual farmers to help them convert to more sustainable practices. In return, the company can scale up its regenerative-farmed ingredients, which align with growing consumer demand for eco-friendly and environmentally conscious products. In 2014, General Mills acquired Annie’s, which a brand known to prioritise environmental stewardship and could be a catalyst towards General Mills shift towards regenerative practices. The company has already committed to improving its soil health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 28% by 2050. Sustainable practices are becoming critical to help slow climate change and other environmental challenges, and are also becoming a demand from consumers