(8 July/Food Navigator)

35-40% of honeybees are lost each year globally. In Europe, a number of initiatives and start-ups are trying to combat the issue. In Belgium, a start-up called BeeOdiversity aims to generate added value for its client’s products. The company has a tool called Beeomonitoring which monitors the bee’s environment by collect samples of pollen from hives. The samples can then tell the air and soil pollution from when the pollen came from and whether there is pollutants present in the area that are of harm to humans and the environment. Another initiative in Canada, Nectar aims to monitor the health of bees from inside the hive. The start-up installs sensors within the hives which can capture different data points from the bees. This allows commercial-scale beekeepers to have transparency and optimisation of their pollination supply by making sure that the well-being of the bees in their hives are at the highest standard they can be.