[24 January/FoodDive]

A Culinary Visions study of 2,000 US consumers found that 45% would trust the safety of such commercially made cannabis products, 42% would rather buy from a smaller company, 29% would trust the quality when bought online, 48% of respondents were interested in trying cannabis infused baked foods and 47% would consume them for the psychoactive effect. Whilst the survey indicates growing interest, it does highlight trust issues with safety and quality. Negative opinions may remain from the drug previously being illegal nationwide – despite now being legal in 33 states and D.C. The industry does suffer from a bad safety record, and badly marketing products as ‘miracle cures’ – causing concern with the Food & Drug Administration. With growth of the ingredient expected, manufacturers and brands need to tackle negative perceptions, or risk falling behind competition. This survey suggests that this could be accomplished by masking the ingredient’s taste, and employing more knowledgeable sales staff.