[6 December/FoodNavigator]

Farmlogics software tool gives suppliers more control over their operations by “digitising the field”, according to Froid Mendez, co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) of Cochin-headquartered Farmlogics. The technology offers several products at various prices. Cocoa, palm oil and rubber producers are already using it in West Africa. It could also be used for other smallholder-grown crops, such as tea, coffee or rice. Mr Mendez said that the tool also enables companies to align with the Sustainable Development Goals. An example being having the ability to reduce the risk of child labour, while using the tool improves farmers’ credit ratings in the eyes of banks and financial institutions, giving them better access to finance, which is seen as an enabler of the 2030 SDGs. The app sends weather forecasts to farmers and helps them with pest management. Information shared with the app can be addressed by the agronomists of the company who advise the farmer on how to deal with the pest.