[02 August/Food Navigator] Researchers state that the European Commission’s current proposals on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) fail to support sustainable food production and demonstrate that the EU ‘lacks the will’ to meet public demand for environmentally-friendly agriculture. Researchers believe that the proposed CAP represents a step backwards compared to the current one. According to researchers, the CAP has the potential to meet at least nine of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, however currently it only contributes to two of them. For example, certain CAP instruments are seen as being inefficient and socially unfair as around 70 percent of the CAP budget goes to farmers on the basis of cultivation which results in 1.8 percent of recipients receiving 32 percent of the money. There is a strong sentiment that CAP should become a better tool to promote sustainable agricultural practices, with 92 percent of citizens saying that it should improve its performance on environmental and climate protection. The final round of CAP negotiations is expected to start later this year.