[31 July/AgFunder News]

According to its CEO, Eran Baniel, DouxMatok has entered into a partnership with Europe’s largest sugar producer, Südzucker. DouxMatok is an Israeli company that has developed a sugar reduction technology. It had boosted the amount of sweetness perceived per gram of sugar by binding sucrose molecules to the mineral silica. Silica is a naturally occurring mineral in many foods such as bananas and carrots. The technology allows companies to use 40 percent less sugar in their products while achieving the same level of sweetness. The partnership began due as a result of food manufacturer’s trialling the product. Mr Baniel had been sending out samples of the product for companies to experiment with, but the company had no capacity to deliver on the high demand. That’s the main reason for the partnership. He was happy that most products ended up with more dietary fibre as a result of the sugar. DouxMatok raised a USD8.1 million Series A funding round from investors last September.