[21 June/Reuters]

U.S. pork producers who are already suffering from duties due to the trade dispute with China were expecting further pain after Beijing added additional tariffs which would come into effect next month. Both U.S. pork items and a range of fruit and nuts were included in the second round of tariffs as well as the first round. Pork faced cumulative duties of 71 percent. Cumulative duties on fruit would be around 50 percent. Heartland Brothers Founder, Zhong Zheng, said the additional tariff would put them out of business. The U.S. shipped USD489 million of pork to China last year, however this has fallen dramatically since the tariffs. Most in the industry were still unsure about how to calculate the new tariffs, leaving them unprepared for the impact they would have. The North American Meat Institute was waiting to learn of the size of the tariff from the American embassy in Beijing or trade officials.